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We have been supplying Industrial and Lab Gases to Central Ohio for over 100 years. Our customers include everything from Fortune 500 companies to small fabrication and auto shops. We view them all as our partners. While most of our customers use High-Pressure Cylinders and Liquid Cylinders, we also provide Bulk and Microbulk Gases for high-volume applications. Ask us about our Real-Time Cylinder Tracking, which greatly reduces issues related to cylinder rental.


If you need Welding Equipment, Filler Metals, Welding Accessories, or Safety Gear, we have you covered. We know from being in business for more than a century that its important to have what your customer wants when they want it. Because of that, we stock a large selection and our staff is trained to help you with what you need


We are more than just Gases and Supplies. Let us help you with your next Welding Robot, or other Welding Automation Project. We can design a gas system for you, help you set up a new welding machine, or train your employees on how to properly set it up. If you are interested in a supplier who wants to be a partner with you, give us a try.


Are you looking for an Industrial Gases and Welding Supply that will partner with you to help you grow your business? Do you need a supplier who will bring you something in addition to a good price? Look no further than Central Ohio Welding Supply. Come see us at our convenient location in Columbus, give us a call, send us an e-mail, or reach out to us on Social Media. We are more than just a great welding and gases supplier.

Our local inventory in stocked full of Welding Wires, Welding Rod, and Stick Electrode, as well as Welding Machines, Welding Consumables, Welding Tools, Safety Products, and PPE.
Central Ohio Welding Supply also stocks an extensive list of Industrial Gases, including Argon, Gases, Nitrogen, Oxygen, CO2, Helium, Hydrogen, Ammonia, Propane, Acetylene, and Medical Gases. In addition to these gases, we stock many different Welding Gas mixes for the welding of different metals like Stainless Steel and Aluminum. For customers who need larger volumes, we also sell our gases in cradles and Microbulk/Bulk Tanks. We have Liquid Argon, Liquid Oxygen, and Liquid Nitrogen available as well.

Looking for a partner in Industrial Gases and Welding Supplies? Reach out to Central Ohio Welding Supply. Let us show you what our 100+ Year-Old, 100% Employee-Owned Company can do for you.

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