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How we started:

Central Ohio Welding started in 1911 as a Welding Repair facility, and a few years later started delivering Industrial Gas and Welding Supplies to Columbus and the surrounding area. As the area’s industrial base grew larger, we grew with it. Our trucks delivered to contractors building Military Equipment for both WWI and WWII, and later were a part of both the growth and decline of some of Ohio’s largest industries, including Steel and Coal. Almost 40 years ago, the founding families started the process of selling the company to its employees, eventually turning Central Ohio Welding into a 100% Employee-Owned Company.

Where we are going:

We believe strongly in American Manufacturing, and particularly in its rebirth in our great state of Ohio. To that end, we are continually investing in new facilities, equipment, trucks and the development of our team.. In 2020, we opened a much larger main facility complete with a new Fill Plant, expanded warehouse, and indoor cylinder dock. In 2023, we welcome the many contractors who will be coming to Central Ohio to help with several large construction projects. Welcome to the Silicon Heartland!

How we help:

Our goal as a company is to help our customers to become more productive, more profitable, and more competitive. We seek out solutions to our customers most important problems, and do whatever we can to help solve them. We realize that customers have many options. We want to be the option that makes a difference.

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